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OEM Full service for the design, development, formulation, manufacturing, packaging for Cosmetics and Medical Device
We are experts in the comprehensive management from the initial idea until the finished goods, ready for its distribution.

Cosmetic syringes: The latest market trend

The cosmetics market is constantly looking for innovation and efficacy. Laboratories and packaging departments work hand in hand to offer revolutionary solutions to keep consumers satisfied. The latest trend in the market is cosmetic syringes, an innovative single-dose format with ultra-concentrated formulas that allow immediate results.

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New designs for your cosmetic ampoules

We have recently incorporated new technology into our processes, and now we can offer you a new presentation in blister packs: simply choose your favorite corporate design, in full color and/or print, and discover all the possibilities for that your blisters can shine in the market.

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Hyaluronic Acid, our great ally to show off a youthful face

Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide present in our body on a regular basis and is considered one of the best known moisturizers or moisturizers of the moment. Its properties make it a crucial ingredient for hydrated, elastic and firmer-looking skin.

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We help build your brand

Full-Service: from Formula to Packaging

Step 1
Project definition
Step 2
Choosing the formula
Step 3
Designing the cosmetic product
Step 4
Documentation & Regulatory
Step 5

We are big fans of our clients.

We admire them and we believe in them.

The knowledge phase of their project is therefore key to developing the cosmetic product that is the best fit for their brand’s values.

Sales advice

We support brands all throughout the process.

The sales and customer service team supports the client during the product formulation, production and packaging process, and is at the client’s side the whole time to answer any questions.

Suggested formula

The R&D team makes the formula proposed by the client.

Standard product

We have a vast catalogue of over 300 cosmetic formulas designed by our R&D team.

New creation

The client chooses all components of the cosmetic product: active ingredients, colour, scent, texture and packaging.


The R&D team has over 15 years’ experience in developing standard and custom-made cosmetic formulas.


Our purchasing department researches and studies the most suitable packaging for the individual project, supporting each and every client in finding the most suitable, functional, compatible and cost-effective solution for their formulations.

Quality control

The quality control team carries out the relevant analyses to ensure the product is delivered in perfect condition.

Regulatory services and quality assurance unit

Quality assurance and regulatory specialists guide brands all throughout the documentation and product registration process.

Primary and secondary packaging

We have teams and individuals qualified to package the widest possible range of formats, from primary packaging to the most custom-made, highly specialised packaging.

The cosmetic products are prepared for final distribution

The final output is a finished product that is sent to our client’s warehouse, ready to be distributed and sold.

Our Values

Continuous improvement, commitment and teamwork

Continuous improvement

Based on:

  • precision
  • teamwork

We love innovation and challenges. We are flexible and we adapt to our clients projects.


  • to people
  • projects
  • society and the environment

We encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and we build relationships based on diversity, trust and respect.

We are a team

We are characterised by our passion for challenges and our enthusiasm for what we do. We enjoy “fun working”.

Our Team

These are the people who make it all happen

There are over 90 people in the Neftis Laboratorios team


Technical director & CEO




Quality Assurance & Regulatory


Administration and finance





Our objectives

Adaptability, Sustainability and Growth


We adapt to the specific circumstances of any time and project, innovating every day to meet our clients objectives and expectations


We are committed to sustainable growth over time, in the broadest sense of the word.


We believe in the personal and professional development of the people in our team.

Our facilities

Space to grow

Our facilities are equipped with all the technology to develop any product your brand needs.
100% renewable energy
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