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Awards Ceremony of the V Neftis Photography Contest

29 September, 2020 · 1 minute of reading

The Neftis team’s creativity is unstoppable!

The Neftis team’s creativity is unstoppable!

This year we wanted to cope with the coronavirus and continue to celebrate this iconic moment for the team: The awards’ ceremony of the V Neftis Photography Contest!

In this occasion, so that we could all feel comfortable and respect social distancing, the event took place in the new 2,200 m2 warehouse. This large area allowed us to maintain a safe distance and continue enjoying the moment as every year.

The objective was to present the prizes to the well-deserved winning photographs, but we also had the perfect excuse to celebrate that we have started the course with the same energy as always.

To celebrate this moment we chose the group Stay Homas as a reference and its theme “Volveré a empezar”, which we sing energetically defending the value of our project with joy and as a team.

The distancing has not distanced us at all!


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