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Cosmetic Packaging

25 July, 2022 · 4 minutes of reading

The packaging design is a very important process for a cosmetic brand as it is often a decisive factor in the consumer’s purchase decision. In fact, psychological studies confirm that cosmetic brands have only a margin of seven seconds to impress the buyer and close the sale. So, although we are all aware of the importance of what is inside, a good packaging design will be the first element to attract the customer's attention while they shop. At Neftis Laboratorios want to inspire creative packaging ideas for cosmetic products, not only to protect them, but to enhance their beauty and value. With a know-how of more than 17 years in the industry, we have many effective, attractive and customisable solutions, for our client’s products. The packaging of a cosmetic is much more than a simple wrapper; it reflects the personality of a brand and its products

Searching for the packaging

The first and most essential part in the process of searching for the appropriate packaging is to draft a good** briefing**. This document must clearly state the brand’s objectives, the market at which it is targeted and the technical aspects.

After analysing the market and identifying the brand values, we can start to search for the perfect packaging that will conserve and protect the product, in all cases with the aim of ensuring it is innovative and attractive for the consumer. Neftis Laboratorios works with packaging suppliers from all over the world with whom we maintain synergies that enable us to offer groundbreaking proposals.

What is cosmetic packaging?

In the cosmetics sector, packaging is one of the most important elements of the finished product. Unlike other sectors, in which the packaging merely has a protective, informational and logistical enhancement function, it plays a very important role in the cosmetic sector and is extremely relevant.

It is very important to bear in mind that there are two levels of packaging; primary, which is the part that is in direct contact with the product, and secondary, which contains or includes the primary packaging and is a powerful branding tool for companies.

Some of the most commonly-used primary packaging proposals in the cosmetics sector are:

• Spray • Blister packs • Airless bottles • Jars • Bottles • Tubes • Droppers • Stand-up pouches

We should add that the secondary packaging is the first one that the potential buyer will see, so it is very important to pay attention to each detail. These are usually boxes (cardboard or plastic). In relation to cardboard boxes, there are different printing and finishing techniques that will add value to the product. These include die cutting, stamping, varnishing, plastic-coating, printing, etc.

Analysis of cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging is always analysed from two perspectives:

1. Technical/safety perspective

In technical and safety terms, the packaging must fulfil the following functions:

  • Protect the product from external agents that could alter its sensory, physical-chemical and/or microbiological properties.
  • Facilitate the use, handling and distribution of the product.
  • Provide mechanical protection against possible blows and falls during handling, storage, exhibition and transport.
  • Permit the correct identification of the product.
  • Serve to provide information to consumers, both that of a mandatory nature (Regulation (CE) 1223/2009, Article 19) and that of a voluntary nature (commercial or advertising texts).

2. Brand image perspective

This sector is extremely competitive and finding a packaging that will make a company stand out from the rest is a decisive factor. So, it is very important for the company to take the necessary steps to create a packaging that is different, one that allows the product to attract attention at the point of sale and transmit the brand values to be conveyed at all times through the design, the materials and the structure.

Current market trends point to a more sustainable, multi-purpose, practical and innovative packaging adapted to everyday needs and linked to a “greener” lifestyle. Neftis Laboratorios has a wide range of customised packaging proposals that offer its clients a speedy, safe and strategic response. This allows us to fulfil the launch needs of the marketing staff, who often require specific responses within a very short time frame.

Furthermore, our packaging department is constantly exploring and developing new ideas that adapt to the demands of consumers, contributing our know-how without losing sight of the latest market trends.

Neftis Laboratorios packaging catalogue

We have recently updated the Neftis Laboratorios packaging catalogue with new proposals in keeping with the newest market demands. We at Neftis Laboratorios aim to inspire creative ideas that not only protect products, but enhance their beauty and value. We present effective, attractive lines that fulfil the quality and functionality that our clients expect, as well as eco-friendly options that reduce environmental impact.

Neftis Laboratorios is certified to two ISO standards which accredit that the cosmetics and medical devices we manufacture comply with international quality, safety and efficacy standards. These standards are UNE-EN ISO 22716, Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics and UNE-EN ISO 13485, Medical Devices.

Consult our packaging catalogue at this link: PACKAGING

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