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Discover our new catalogs!

25 April, 2022 · 3 minutes of reading

In March 2022 we have launched six new catalogs full of news and key information about each of our production lines. Discover them on our website!

The new edition is loaded with novelties and seeks to bring our clients the best solutions on the market in the field of cosmetics, mesotherapy, peelings, packaging and Medical Device. The new catalogs have been designed as small physical guides for most Neftis Laboratorios products, with the aim of making it easier for each brand to search for different formulas and packaging options.

With a renewed design and a multitude of visual examples, we discover the different possibilities that we offer as a contract manufacturer laboratory with a 360º service.

The Neftis Laboratorios team had the opportunity to show the catalogs for the first time during the AMWC fair in Monaco, and confirmed that the new proposal offers the information that brands need to learn about Neftis Laboratorios' contract manufacturing project.

The new catalogs respond to each of the product lines:

Medical Device

UNE-EN ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System

This international standard supplements Annex IX of European Regulation 2017/745 on Medical Devices, which proposes a conformity assessment system based on a quality management system and the assessment of technical documentation.

The ISO 13485 Standard focuses on management of processes and their risks, continuous improvement and fulfilling client needs and expectations. In complying with this standard, we at Neftis Laboratorios demonstrate our capacity to provide medical devices that consistently meet client requirements as well as the applicable regulatory requirements.


This aesthetic technique is one of the most used treatments to rejuvenate the face, combat cellulite or eliminate localized fat. We have the latest technology to create innovative formulas and customized mesotherapy products for companies that require a third-party manufacturer.

At Neftis Laboratorios we produce a wide range of meso cocktails and booster serums that, administered on a scheduled basis by a professional or at home, allow us to obtain the best results and permanently enjoy young, smooth, soft and hydrated skin.


Chemical peels are topical treatments, mainly formulated on acids, designed to eliminate in a controlled way the most superficial layers of the skin, stimulating cell renewal and improving significantly its appearance. The most remarkable clinical effect is rejuvenation.

In Neftis Laboratorios we have developed two main lines:

  • Monocomponents peels (with a single active).
  • Combined peels (with optimal mixtures of acids) Both lines allow professionals and users the application of exfoliation treatments with perfect results for each different skin.


A new, dynamic, multifunctional range of cosmetics for all skin types, targeted at both consumers and professionals.

The Neftis Laboratorios R&D team is in a continuous innovation process that allows us to offer 15 new products annually and work with a volume of more than 7,000 formulas available to our customers.


Neftis Laboratorios proposes a new packaging catalogue which is based on its know-how of over 15 years in the cosmetics sector and includes innovative proposals for adding value to your products. We all know that what is inside is the most important, but the exterior is a reflection of what we want to show on the outside.


Quality, safety and continuous improvement for the manufacture of each product. The Neftis Laboratorios service catalog includes the main functions that we carry out for our clients; from the development of the initial idea, to obtaining the finished product.

You can download all the catalogs in this link.

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