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Enzymatic peel with papain

04 May, 2021 · 2 minutes of reading

Enzymatic peels are known for gently exfoliating the face, removing dead cells from the first layer of skin. The Neftis Laboratorios peel is enriched with papaya enzymes, which help accelerate the skin’s natural peeling process. The product also contains seawater, which revitalises the dermis thanks to its minerals and trace elements. The peel has a light texture and an innovative visual appearance, as the papain particles are suspended in the clear gel base.

Neftis Laboratorios, which has been manufacturing cosmetics and healthcare products for third parties since 2005, is launching an enzymatic peel that exfoliates the face with its ability to eliminate dead cells from the first layer of skin thanks to the papain’s enzymatic action.

**Enzymatic peel **is the gentlest exfoliation treatment that exists, which makes it the best option for treating very sensitive, reactive and delicate skin types. This type of exfoliation is based on using enzymes of plant origin that are able to break the bonds between dead cells and surrounding cells, thereby accelerating the skin’s natural peeling process without damaging the living cells.

Enzymatic peel prevents irritation and over-stimulation of the skin and is an effective alternative to other more abrasive and aggressive techniques, such as mechanical exfoliation and chemical peels.

The papain present in the Neftis enzymatic peel is encapsulated to facilitate its incorporation in an aqueous system and to optimise its extended release and long-term effect. The peel also includes seawater to revitalise the skin, thanks to its minerals and trace elements, and to keep the skin barrier in good condition. The seawater also provides an antioxidant and antipollution action.

What benefits does papain provide the skin?

Papain is a proteolytic enzyme present in mountain papaya which has a high biological activity, and is an ingredient that is widely used in different lines of medicinal products and cosmetics.

Papain is the main component of papaya, which is where virtually all of its beneficial properties come from. In the case of topical use, the papain enzyme has the capacity to accelerate the skin renewal process, restoring its brightness and providing an even tone. Specifically, it acts by weakening the adhesion of skin cells, which leads to peeling of the superficial layers, thereby promoting cell renewal and skin oxygenation.

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