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Family hike through the “Cingles del Bertí” nature reserve

23 February, 2022 · 1 minute of reading

The Neftis Laboratorios “Health Area” activities agenda continues to grow with healthy options for the whole team. The latest activity organized by our firm was a circular hike through the “Cingles del Bertí” nature reserve. This was the first time that the families of our staff had taken part together in one of the “Health Area” proposals.

This year, 2022, at Neftis Laboratorios, we have created a 500 m2 space dedicated to our staff’s health and well-being. We organise a variety of team activities related to healthcare, such as hypopressive exercise, yoga, Zumba, physiotherapy, meditation, coaching workshops and even live music and theatre.

The outdoor sports activities included a family hike through the “Cingles del Bertí” nature reserve. This protected area is formed by a group of crags that form part of the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range and separate the Moianès plateau from the Vallès region.

The route consisted of a circular trail of about 10 km that runs along the crags and included a visit to Clascar Castle. We all enjoyed the walk outside the company’s facilities and the opportunity to commune with nature.

This was the first time we had organised a trek as one of the outdoor activities and the first chance for the families of our staff to take part in an activity together.

It was an absolutely fantastic experience which we hope to repeat soon, as our “Health Area” activities agenda is always receptive to fresh, new proposals by the members of our staff.


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