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IV Neftis Children’s Day

05 July, 2019 · 2 minutes of reading

One more summer, we have celebrated the Neftis Children’s Day.

One more summer, we have celebrated the Neftis Children’s Day.

The children have been able to learn about the place where their parents work, and learn about the cosmetics manufacturing process.

During the visit to the laboratory they have known the entire production circuit, from the gelification of a gel to the packaging of ampoules and vials of different colors that they have themselves made according to their liking.


All of them have shown great interest in what the team of Neftis Laboratorios told them. From the youngest of 3 years, to the older ones of 12.

With the R & D team, they have participated in a workshop to design a personalized cosmetic. This exercise has stimulated children’s creativity and imagination.


There has also been time for the game. At the entrance of Neftis has set up a circus tent so that children could share a funny time, before going to have lunch.


El Neftis Children’s Day es un día muy esperado durante el año, y es un momento fantástico durante el cual mayores y pequeños compartimos una jornada de trabajo muy diferente.

Neftis Children’s Day is a highly waited day over the year, and it is a fantastic time during which both adults and children share a very different day of work.

The objective is that when the teacher asks to the children about: Where does your mother work? The answer could be: At Neftis Laboratorios! A super cool company! 🙂

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