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Meso Cocktails & Booster Serums

28 March, 2018 · 3 minutes of reading

The combined use of cocktails, directed and administered by a professional, with serums for daily application at home, allows to get the best results so that your customers can permanently enjoy young, firm, soft and hydrated skin that lives up to the most demanding canons of beauty.


COCKTAIL (FNEF13-2)NEW: A highly effective bio-stimulant cocktail that combines more than 40 ingredients in only one formula. It boosts tissue regeneration, working within the skin surface, and prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It combats severe dehydration. Powered by hyaluronic acid and peptides, it smooths skin texture, improves firmness and elasticity and provides radiant-looking skin.

SERUM (NEF272): A blend of numerous vitamins, with a light texture. Contains vitamins A, B and C. Thanks to the synergetic effect of vitamin C and retinol, it nourishes, refreshes, improves skin tone and hydrates deeply. Perfect for dull, rough skin. Non-aggressive, for daily use. Rich in peptides.


COCKTAIL (FNEF638) NEW: Rich in active agents that increase the expression of genes able to strengthen the structure of the extracellular matrix, contributing to greater protection of the cells. Removes oxidative DNA damage and boosts cell regeneration. Incorporates DNA repair enzymes and growth factors that give the skin energy, elasticity and strength.

SERUM (NEF516-2) NEW: A light-textured serum that protects the skin from the damaging effects of environmental elements and the HEV energy band of the visible solar spectrum – also called blue light – which cause ageing. With DNA restorative enzymes and growth factors that provide energy, elasticity and resilience to the skin. Soft-focus effect.


COCKTAIL (FNEF75): A highly effective bio-stimulant cocktail that combines more than 50 ingredients in only one formula. It achieves excellent results in sensitive, aged and sun-damaged skin. Powered by age-defying peptides, it boosts the metabolic processes to restore youthful, radiant skin.

SERUM (NEF542-2): A light-textured serum with a high content in peptides. Reduces the appearance of expression lines and protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Promotes firmness and elasticity.


COCKTAIL (FNEF21): A cocktail recommended for the care of oily, combination and acne-prone skin. Illuminates and brightens the skin. A powerful antioxidant which combats the action of free radicals.

SERUM (NEF541): A light-textured serum with ingredients that help reduce the skin’s impurities and imperfections while providing elasticity, shine and firmness. Regulates sebum production and reduces inflammation caused by P. Acnes. Evens skin tone, brightens skin and enhances radiance. Daily use. Non-agressive.


COCKTAIL (FNEF76): Rapidly reduces puffiness and enhances elasticity of the skin around the eyes. Relieves dark circles providing a youthful look. Contains hyaluronic acid.

SERUM (NEF540-2) NEW: A light-textured serum to powerfully moisturise the area around your eyes. Reduces and banishes eye bags and puffiness. Contains anti-wrinkle peptides and tensors that even, boost and brighten the skin around your eyes. Contains hyaluronic acid. Soft-focus effect.


COCKTAIL (FNEF22): A treatment to combat cellulite and the formation of localised fat deposits. Helps melt and naturally drain fat.

SERUM (NEF497-2): A concentrated lipolytic serum. Anti-cellulite and body firming. Visibly erases cellulite while simultaneously smoothing, tightening and firming the skin. Contains draining extracts.

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