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Neftis Laboratorios extends its Solidarity Line by donating gel to Cáritas

13 June, 2022 · 2 minutes of reading

The Neftis Laboratorios Solidarity Line includes the production of a solidarity gel to cover the basic hygiene needs of people in a vulnerable situation. This cooperative action has been carried out with the charity organisation Cáritas, which runs different foster homes for Ukrainian families, who were delighted to receive this donation.

Neftis Laboratorios started its solidarity production line in December 2019, when ten charity organisation received 4,451 units of solidarity shower gel. These charities were the following: Arrels Fundació, Centro Catalán de Solidaridad, Fundació Ànima, Fundació Congost Autisme, Fundació Estimia, MALLA – Associació Catalana Tutelar de persones amb discapacitat psíquica, Obinso – Obra d’integració social, Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu, Residència La Pau and Senior Centre Residència.

In May of this year we produced 1,000 units of solidarity gel which, in this case, were managed by Cáritas. The purpose of this donation was to cover the basic hygiene needs of people in vulnerable situations, as is the case of the Ukrainian families helped by Cáritas.


“The Neftis Laboratorios Solidarity Line is a very satisfactory initiative for all our staff because they are extremely glad to know that part of our production has served a social purpose and helped people with basic needs,” says Marc Xalabarder, CEO and CTO of Neftis Laboratorios.

Caring organisations

Cáritas is a charity organisation whose objective is to promote, manage and coordinate social and charity activities for the purpose of fostering humanitarian initiatives and human development, raising awareness in society and promoting social justice.

For more than 15 years, Cáritas has been implementing an innovative project in partnership with companies and foundations, in order to engage economic actors in the advancement of wellbeing. As a manufacturer of Cosmetics and Medical Devices, Neftis Laboratorios has also wished to participate in this Caring Organisations initiative by contributing this Solidarity Gel Line.

All of us at Neftis Laboratorios want to do our bit to develop socially useful projects and be part of the solution.

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