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Neftis Laboratorios offer a sustainable packaging

27 January, 2022 · 2 minutes of reading

At Neftis Laboratorios we have changed our packaging process for a more sustainable one. This proposal includes paper tape, biodegradable air cushions and protective packaging chips.

One of the strategic objectives of Neftis Laboratorios is to be more sustainable. Packaging is an area where we have placed emphasis on being more respectful of the environment, generating less waste and achieving recyclability.


Replacing leftover plastic in all types of packaging is a growing need in our society. For this reason, at Neftis Laboratorios we use paper packaging tape to minimize waste. With this change we improve the order packaging processes. In addition, the paper packaging tape maintains all the necessary security and efficiency features to ensure a correct shipment.


Another change we have made is the incorporation of biodegradable air cushions to wrap the products and fill the boxes. The air plus bio bags have been manufactured with natural resources, such as corn, a fact that allows them to be more sustainable and respectful of the environment.


A third element that we have added is a biodegradable padding material. It is a cushion made up of bio chips that immediately fill all the gaps in a package, keeping all products safe. In addition, being biodegradable, they are soluble in water and can serve as compostable material.

In addition to these changes, we have eliminated 100% of plastic cups and water bottles by installing several sources of purified water.

During 2022 we will continue to implement projects such as those described for the environmental improvement of our production process.

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