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Professional Treatment Kits

15 June, 2020 · 2 minutes of reading

We present you 3 revolutionary professional treatment kits

We present you 3 revolutionary professional treatment kits. Each of them covers one of the great cosmetic trends planned for the coming months.

Women’s intimate care

Professional treatment designed to treat and give the importance that the female intimate area deserves. The goal is to rejuvenate and brighten the vulvar area.

What does the kit include?

– The intimate peel improves hyper-pigmentation and stimulates the production of collagen achieving a firmer vulvar area. – The intimate cleanser is a daily soft gel carefully formulated with an ideal pH chosen not to alter the natural flora and to increase the homeostasis of the skin. – The intimate cream is a daily gel-cream that protects and moisturizes the vulvar area preventing discomfort, dryness, irritation and infection.

Control of melanin production

Professional treatment designed to control oxidative stress and reduce melanin deposits and production. Includes retail products to reduce the risk of recurrence.

What does the kit include?

– The melanin control peel exfoliates the skin and remove the excess of melanin from the upper layers. – Tranexamic cocktail with a significant percentage of tranexamic acid, an innovative active ingredient capable of firmly blocking the production of melanin as it acts through various enzymatic pathways. – Melanin control serum is an ideal combination of active ingredients that protect the skin from stress and keep melanin synthesis blocked. – Melanin control cream promotes skin renewal and whitening. Can be used on the spot, locally or over the face.

Depigmentation of skin spots

Professional depigmentation treatment designed to attenuate skin spots, while unifying skin tone and providing radiance.

What does the kit include?

K Peel uniformly degreases and exfoliates the skin. It prepares it for further treatments. Deeper and more effective results. – Whitening mask reduces the number of spots while revitalizes the skin. Can be used for hands or face. – Whitening maintenance cream enhances the results obtained with the mask and prevents the appearance of new pigmentation disorders. – Retinol serum would accelerate skin renewal, reducing pigmentation and restoring collagen and elastin. – Soothing oil provides the skin with all the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants needed for healthy skin. – SPF 50 DNA Repair the essential ally to protect the skin from blemishes and spots.

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