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The successful growth of the Neftis Laboratorios project is people-centred

02 December, 2021 · 5 minutes of reading

Since its very beginning, Neftis Laboratorios has been committed to putting people at the centre of the organisation. This may seem obvious but it is sadly not always the case.

Neftis Laboratorios was created in 2005 as a contract manufacturer of cosmetic products with a team of just 4 people. Over the years, the project has grown steadily and sustainably, and now has a team of 90.

In recent years, our social perspective has been to consider innovation, algorithms and digital skills to be the precursors of a successful activity. However, time and experience have shown us that the high-profile projects are the ones that talk about people and values. That is why, and with good reason, Google and the big Silicon Valley tech companies are committed to creating “fun working” spaces in which employees feel at home, or extending remote working days to allow teams to better balance their work schedules.

Neftis Laboratorios is an exceptional business project in the development and manufacturing of cosmetic products and medical devices, through to obtaining a finished product ready to be distributed, but it doesn’t stop there. Since its very beginning, Neftis Laboratorios has been committed to putting people at the centre of the organisation. This may seem obvious but it is sadly not always the case.

The Neftis Laboratorios aim is to give its team all the attention it deserves, to make everyone feel part of the project, and to involve the team in the decision-making processes across the board, encouraging it to be independent and creative. Since new technological tools have freed us from many automatic and repetitive processes, we are able to achieve better results by being more creative and, if we say so ourselves, more fun.

This strategic plan for Neftis Laboratorios includes 3 specific objectives: sustainability, adaptability and growth. The only way to achieve a sustainable project that adapts to the specific circumstances of any time and that strives to grow in a continuous, balanced and steady manner over time, is by putting people at its centre. According to Marc Xalabarder, Managing Director of Neftis Laboratorios: “The staff at Neftis are, and always have been, the heart and soul of our project, and we’ve now reached a significant point in our growth that involves defining a people-centred strategic plan. The main aim of this plan is to identify, define and put in writing the foundations that have led us on this successful journey over the past 16 years, so that we can pass them on to the whole team and establish solid, consolidated foundations that enable us to maintain this future growth from a quantitative perspective, but even more from a qualitative perspective, in the personal and professional growth and development of everyone involved in this great project.”

How do we do this? It is clear that a project’s leadership is absolutely crucial in understanding its growth and Neftis Laboratorios is no exception. That said, the process of identifying a project’s values and getting to know its soul, is non-negotiable in achieving long-awaited success.

At Neftis Laboratorios, we have worked hard to identify our values and to represent them on a daily basis in all of the company’s production processes.

  • Continuous improvement based on precision and teamwork. We love innovation and challenges, and we are flexible and adapt to each client’s projects.
  • We are committed to people, projects, society and the environment. We encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and we build relationships based on diversity, trust and respect.
  • We are a team. We are characterised by our passion for new challenges and our enthusiasm for what we do. We are big fans of “fun working”.

Specifically, we take part in activities that show our willingness to value our team above all else.

SDGs set by the UN As part of its corporate strategic objectives (sustainability, adaptability and growth), Neftis Laboratorios has also added the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN to its roadmap and is committed to aligning its operations with 17 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, health and wellbeing, sustainability, responsibility and the environment, among others.

Equality programme The Neftis Laboratorios Equality Plan includes a series of measures taken by the company to ensure equal treatment and opportunities between genders. The Neftis team is currently made up of 70 women and 20 men.

People programme Neftis Laboratorios has prepared a people programme with the aim of consolidating the company’s corporate culture and encouraging the personal and professional development of its employees.

Energy self-supply project Neftis Laboratorios produces and consumes its own 100% renewable energy, with the installation of 886 photovoltaic solar panels for its own consumption at the warehouses located at its corporate headquarters.

Health area At Neftis Laboratorios, we have created a space dedicated to our people’s health and wellbeing, where we carry out different activities related to healthcare in the broadest sense of the word: from Pilates, Zumba and Yoga classes to training workshops on nutrition and mindfulness, as well as sporting events such as cycling routes, introduction to golf, paddle tennis tournament, table tennis and many other activities. We are always open to fresh new proposals from team members.

At Neftis Laboratorios, we truly believe that our people are the heart and soul of our company. Our main objective is therefore to take care of them as they deserve, without looking for them to be more profitable as individuals, but rather guiding our decisions so that we can all be part of a happy and healthy environment. This in turn facilitates the team’s personal and professional development, with the aim of making a positive contribution to society and our environment.

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