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We manufacturer tailored mesotherapy products

28 April, 2021 · 1 minute of reading

At Neftis Laboratorios, we manufacture cosmetic products for third parties, including mesotherapy products.

This beauty technique is one of the most widely used treatments for rejuvenating the face, fighting cellulite and eliminating localised fat. We have the latest technology at your disposal to create innovative formulas and mesotherapy products tailored for companies that require a third-party manufacturer.

Meso cocktails and booster serums

At Neftis Laboratorios, we produce a wide range of meso cocktails and booster serums which, when administered as prescribed by a professional or at home, will allow you to achieve the best results and have permanently young, smooth, soft and moisturised skin.

At Neftis Laboratorios we develop much more than formulas

Here at Neftis Laboratorios, we help you all throughout a cosmetic product’s manufacturing process.

The main task we undertake for our clients is to execute the entire production process for a cosmetic product or medical device, from development of the initial idea to obtaining the finished product. The Neftis team is involved in each one of the necessary stages: design, development, manufacturing, preparation and final packaging. Not only this, but we also offer a regulatory affairs advisory service which enables us to accompany our client throughout the product registration process.

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