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Neurocosmetics directly connects our emotions with the skin

One of the current issues in cosmetics is the connection between the brain and the dermis. There are more and more scientific articles that show the connection between the skin and the nervous system. It’s about emotional cosmetics; the use of cosmetics to achieve the long-awaited well-being.


Do we buy cosmetics because they work or because they make us feel good?

The consumer wants to look good and feel better. And this is where emotions come into play, how they affect us at the skin level: the psychosocial stress of the skin.

In these times, we find very different generations with different expectations: millennials, XXI generation, baby boomer… Very different market targets that, nevertheless, coincide in one thing: they all think that living is not enough, what matters to them besides is to have quality of life, comfort, well-being and pleasure.

How can a cream help us feel better?

Traditionally, cosmetics are used to improve the appearance of the skin or protect it, but with the contribution of neurocosmetics cosmetics are not only used to improve the appearance of the skin, but to increase the sense of well-being in general connecting skin and brain.neftis-laboratorios-neurocosmetica2.png

What ingredients are those that act on the nervous system in emotional cosmetics?

Emotional cosmetics can be understood from two different perspectives: on the one hand, there are formulas designed to generate new sensorial experiences through perfumes, colours, textures… that affect the senses of touch, smell and sight, and, on the other hand, we talk about formulas with psychoactive ingredients that act by inhibiting or increasing the release of cutaneous neuro-mediators. They do not have systemic activity. They have the ability, topically, to inhibit the release of substance P (precursor of the inflammatory reaction) or cortisol, stimulating the release of β-endorphins (related to vitality, luminosity and cell regeneration). All this contributes not only to the well-being and the subjective sensation of pleasure, but also in the improvement of cutaneous cellular functioning, increasing their immune capacity, their energy and their balance. The result is a softer, relaxed and protected skin.

Our future commitment

Neftis Laboratorios faces the future betting on innovation. Our latest line of products related to emotional cosmetics and neurocosmetics is the use of a beauty ritual to achieve the long-awaited well-being by connecting skin and brain. Its purpose is to reinforce the subjective sensation of pleasure and improve cutaneous cellular functioning by increasing its immune capacity, its energy and its balance.

This line is based on products that combine innovative assets that regulate the release of cutaneous neuro-mediators (cortisol, endorphins) with an attractive sensory experience. The result is a state of optimal peace and tranquillity that allows a much healthier skin look.

We develop much more than formulas

You want to know more about this product, Neftis Laboratorios is your ideal partner. Contact us!

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