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Ampoules with customised labels

19 September, 2022 · 1 minute of reading

Neftis Laboratorios has an ampoule labelling machine that allows us to provide totally customised products. This technology enables us to adapt each ampoule to the specific needs of each client.

By customising the ampoules, we can provide packaging that is 100% adapted to our customers’ designs. We can print in any colour, with no limit in terms of inks, or with clear backgrounds to highlight a particular image. We can also offer many options for adding shine and promoting your ampoules in the market.

Another advantage of these labels is that we can work with a safety stock. [Neftis Laboratorios] has anonymous ampoules and we are able to print and produce the labels as soon as the customer needs them. This reduces delivery times and improves the productivity levels required by our clients.


The labels are compliant with the serialisation standards and the batch number can also be printed on the label itself. Customising your ampoules with these labels can shorten the production process by up to 3 weeks.

We at Neftis Laboratorios help you optimise the process!

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