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PEELINGS: Basic protocol for a perfect treatment

Chemical peels are topical treatments, mainly formulated on acids, designed to eliminate in a controlled way the most superficial layers of the skin, stimulating cell renewal and improving significantly its appearance. The most remarkable clinical effect is rejuvenation.

Mostly are applied at facial level. Despite this, they are also highly effective for body treatments. In this case, the most common would be: lactic acid, glycolic acid and TCA.

They can be found in various cosmetic forms: solutions, gels, creams or masks.

Chemical peeling advantages

  • Economic
  • Improves the appearance of the skin
  • Multiple uses
  • Safe and effective
  • They can be used on face and body
  • They can be combined with other techniques such as mesotherapy or dermabrasion

Classification based on the depth of action

Very Shallow
  • Glycolic acid 20-45%
  • Lactic acid 50%
  • Salicylic acid 20-30%
  • TCA <20%
Superficial (Eliminates the stratum corneum)
  • Glycolic acid 50-70%
  • TCA 20%
Medium (Advanced peels)
  • TCA 35-40%
  • TCA 35% Glycolic acid 70%
Deep (Advanced peels)
  • TCA> 40%
  • Phenol

Factors that influence the depth of a peeling

  • Type of acid
  • Concentration
  • pH
  • Cosmetic texture and shape
  • Preparation of the skin (use of retinol or other acids)
  • Application time and number of layers
  • Application technique
  • Skin type (dry, oily, thin)

This variety of factors requires a diversity of products that allow the execution of safe and effective treatments for chemical exfoliation treatments.

To this end, in Neftis Laboratorios we have developed two main lines:

  • Monocomponents peels (with a single active)
  • Combined peels (with optimal mixtures of acids) Both lines allow professionals and users the application of exfoliation treatments with perfect results for each different skin.

Combined Peelings


Monoacid Peelings


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